Carrie Zhang pic

出生於90後的年輕老師 Carrie Zhang,從4歲開始學習舞蹈,曾多次參加國際國內舞蹈大賽。在2003年初次參加舞蹈大賽,就在第七屆德國慕尼黑國際舞蹈大賽中獲得青少年組第一名的成績。

2006年赴韓國參加中韓青少年藝術交流演出,並獲得表演金獎。2007年以優異的成績考入中國解放軍藝術學院附中,接受專業系統的舞蹈訓練,從此就踏上了舞蹈人生,舞蹈已經成為她生活的一部分。目前是VBDW 溫哥華青年當代舞蹈團的演員,同時在學院任舞蹈老師,主要教授中國舞及芭蕾。

Carrie Zhang – our young teacher born in the 1990’s – started to learn dance at the age of 4.  She claimed to fame in her very first dance competition in 2003, when she won the first place in the Youth Category of the Seventh International Dance Competition in Munich, Germany.  Since then, Carrie has participated in various dance competitions, both domestic and international.  In 2006, she went to Korea and received a gold medal for her first-rate performance in an arts exchange event for Chinese and Korean youths.  With outstanding credentials, Carrie was accepted into the People’s Liberation Army Arts College in 2007, where she received professional dance training, and devoted her career to dance.  Indeed, dance has become part of her life.  Currently, Carrie is a performer with the VBDW Vancouver Youth Dance Company, and a teacher in Chinese dance and Ballet at our academy.