Lana Galbor pic

Lana Galbor 自小學習不同風格舞蹈,包括肚皮舞、芭蕾、爵士舞及印度舞。尤其在肚皮舞上有很深的造詣,在加拿大及國際肚皮舞比賽中多次獲獎。Lana 在課堂上教導學生追尋音樂的活力,而表現富有創造力,及優雅的舞蹈,讓學生們自然的感受舞蹈,熱愛舞蹈,展現出自己的自信。在舞蹈之餘,主要訓練手臂和腹部的運用及控制能力,從而是學生們全方面理解並很好的掌握肚皮舞。

Lana Galbor was extensively trained in Belly Dance in Canada and internationally, and has won numerous awards.  She has also studied Bollywood Dance, Ballet and Jazz.  With natural musicality, creativity, passion, grace, and a fun-loving spirit, she is able to engage her students in learning and get the most out of her teaching.  Lana’s classes are geared towards mastering the artistry of Belly Dance, through the foundations of core isolation and undulation, graceful arm techniques, shimmies, and musicality.