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Lily Hsu 出生在台灣,從小一直就讀於舞蹈專科學校的她,精通芭蕾,現代舞,當代舞蹈,爵士,嘻哈街舞,以及中國舞。 Lily 在2009 年以舞蹈及劇場製作雙學位畢業於SFU,現在的她,已全心投入於專業表演,舞蹈教學以及編導,合作過的編舞家有Paraskevas Terezakis, Henry Daniel, Rob Kitsos, Cheryl Prophet , Martha Carter 等。參加過大型演出包括2010 冬季奧運,新時代電視主辦歷屆華裔小姐競選,新秀以及Sun Shine Nation。目前任VBDW溫哥華青年當代舞蹈團舞蹈編導、教師及演員。在學院所教授的不同課程,受到學生及家長的一致好評。

Lily Hsu was born in Taiwan and raised in Canada.  Graduated from Simon Fraser University in 2009 with a double major in Dance and Theatre Production, she has been dancing, performing, teaching, and choreographing all her life.  As a versatile dancer, her repertoire of dance includes Contemporary, Ballet, Chinese, Hip Hop, Street Jazz, and Wackin’.  Lily has worked with choreographers Paraskevas Terezakis, Henry Daniel, Rob Kitsos, Cheryl Prophet, and Martha Carter.  In addition to performing in major productions such as the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic, she is a contracted dancer for Farichild TV productions including the Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant, the New Talent Singing Award, and the Sunshine Nation.  Currently, Lily is also a choreographer, teacher and performer with the VBDW Vancouver Youth Dance Company.  She teaches different programs in our academy, and her instructions have been well received by the students and parents.